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VRBO, AirBnb Photography

  • Photography & Videography

  • Hotels, Motels, AirBnb, VRB

  • Nearby Attractions

  • Rooms, Facilities

  • Drone aerial photos and video

  • 3D virtual tour and walk-through video

VRBO and Airbnb photography and videography services.

KFM Creative Inc., specializes in capturing the essence of your bnb, highlighting its unique features and amenities to attract guests and travellers. Our comprehensive services include stunning photography and videography of nearby attractions, rooms, and facilities, ensuring that your listing stands out from the competition.


Elevate your vacation rental with our expertly crafted drone aerial photos and videos, providing captivating perspectives of your space and its surroundings. Additionally, we offer immersive 3D virtual tours and walk-through videos, allowing potential guests to explore every corner of your property from the comfort of their own homes. Trust us to showcase the true beauty and appeal of your rental, Okanagan Lake, beaches, wineries, hiking trails and nearby attractions.

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